Dewey Delaware Classification

Dewey Delaware is our special way to track library customer interests and use of our libraries’ services and resources. Dewey Delaware is used for gaining an understanding of questions asked online (Ask a Librarian DE -Reference Analytics) and in person (the Reference Tally Sheet) as well as for library programs and events (through LibCal).

  • 000-Generalities (computer help, computer technology, questions about the eBook services, general library information, and library account-related questions)
  • 100-Philosophy/Psychology (self-help questions)
  • 200-Religion
  • 300-Social Sciences (education, law, financial, veterans, government, politics, folklore questions, Social Services)
  • 400-Language (include ESL inquiries)
  • 500-Science (STEM*, mathematics, physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, earth sciences, paleontology, evolution, dinosaurs, etc.)
  • 600-Applied Science (include technology, medical/health, engineering, pets, cooking, management, job hunting, home building and construction questions)
  • 700-Arts (include fine arts, architecture, home decorating, photography, music, recreation, library programs/Makerspaces, and sports questions)
  • 800-Literature (include questions about fiction authors, e.g., readers’ advisory questions; also book clubs, book purchase requests, & the  Dolly Parton Imagination Library program)
  • 900-History and Geography (include genealogy and biography)