Providing a statewide service for Delaware Libraries

Here’s how it works:collaboration wordle

Delaware libraries have collaborated to provide online reference services to students and patrons as part of the Delaware Library Consortium (called Provider Libraries).  Patrons can access email (our webform) and SMS text for assistance any time using the patron portal page at:  We let patrons know that their library will get back to them within 2-3 regular business days.

For frequently asked questions, Ask a Librarian Delaware provides numerous quick answers to help patrons find the exact info they need.  Many of these FAQs give ‘how to’ information with links and visual aides.  FAQs are added by the Statewide Coordinator and the Ask A Librarian Delaware Liaisons.  (When logged into your LibAnswers account, you can see the list of FAQs at:  Patrons can search FAQs by topic or  keyword to find what they are looking for, on the patron portal page.

Delaware’s library often staff assist each other with questions from customers around the state.  For example, if a patron from Lewes is looking for genealogy assistance, staff may use the “Reuse Answers” area to see if there is a FAQ or if another Delaware library staff answered a similar type question.  Question relevance is enhanced through tagging questions when staff is answering them.

If a patron’s question is ‘person-specific’ (such as questions regarding a patron’s account) then it can be referred to the appropriate staff member  for follow up.  While we all represent Delaware libraries to our patrons, each library can work with their community of patrons while sharing in the Delaware library reference service, learning and offering expertise statewide.

Question-answering consistency and excellence is a standard shared by all who participate in the our Delaware library reference service. Question-answering follows the RUSA guidelines.

Here is additional information: