School is in, and so are we!

The new school term is rolling along, and with the changing weather we find more students and patrons turning to us to find homework help information, eBook/book assistance and recommendations, genealogy studies, legal and historical references and more.  There are some resources with quick links to assist you with patron’s questions on this site, as well as through the Delaware Libraries’ LibGuides on a variety of topics, and through our growing team of library staff who provide valuable reference services.

Another great resource is the Sta​te funded collaboration between the Delaware Department of Education and the University of Delaware Library, UDLib/Search, that provides online magazines, journals, encyclopedias and training for all K-12 public schools.  Patrons can access UDLib/Search via the eMedia page on the Delaware Libraries website or directly by visiting the home access page on the UDLib/Search website.  Here is a quick overview:
UDLib/Search provides free access to Gale databases for all Delaware K-12 students (home schoolers included).  This includes encyclopedias and databases to help with math, career and vocational resources and test prep,  biographies, histories, and more.  
One useful resource, especially for debate teams and writing assignments, is “Opposing Viewpoints,” which gives pros and cons on many current topics. 
Here is how to access UDLib/Search:
Scroll down to #2 in the middle column to choose a grade level and access the databases
Login with the username/password (Some of the databases do not require a password.):
Username:  udlibsearch
Password:  homeaccess
For more about UDLib/Search, see the “About” page at:

Stumped? Don’t give up!Slide_rule  Consult with your colleagues…

If you find you have a question that is just a bit beyond your expertise, reach out to the Ask a Librarian Delaware/Reference Services Group through our email listserv.  We have history and genealogy buffs, legal, legislative and health/medical specialists and others who can help you with your patron’s in-depth question. It’s helpful to let patrons know you are consulting with your colleagues as this may take a few days.  Most often than not, our library customers appreciate the extra step you’ve taken to find the information they need.

You can also check on the “Reuse Answers” area of AaLDE/LibAnswers, visible on the right when you are logged in and ready to answer a patron’s question.  Now that we have been tagging questions with keywords and organizing FAQs with Dewey Delaware Topics, possible relevant answers can be reused from providers of this service as well as through the growing FAQ options.


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