Ask a Librarian Delaware Reference Services Liaisons – May 2021

Responsibilities of an Ask a Librarian Delaware Liaison include:

  • Representing the partner library through active participation in Reference Services Group meetings and on the Ask a Librarian DE listserv (Reference listserv).
  • Making sure questions are answered in a timely manner – 2 to 3 regular business days –  and with best practices (elements for answering questions) as presented in training.  Uses the Ask a Librarian DE/Reference listserv to request assistance when needed.
  • Contacting other liaisons with ideas and for help on questions; we are a statewide team and use the strength of our specialties to help library patrons everywhere.
  • Contributing to the very success of the Ask a Librarian Delaware service by coordinating promotion of the service to local communities, library management and staff/colleagues.
  • Recommending new staff for training and letting the AaL DE Statewide Coordinator know when refresher training, liaison training, and/or new staff training are needed.
  • Help new staff with basic email training in order for that staff person to be able to respond to emails/texts, add tagging and Reference Analytics (Dewey Delaware).
  • Reviewing their provider libraries’ transcripts, follow up with patrons as needed, and provide feedback to their libraries’  librarians to recognize excellent work and to constructively give information for improvement, when needed.   Adding tags and Reference Analytics and submitting the questions as “closed” when they are completed.
  • Setting staff “Away” status if needed (so that questions are not assigned to that person).
  • Maintaining regular contact with the AaL DE Coordinator, Missy Williams.

Overview and Resources for Liaisons

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For additional help:
Ask a Librarian
Consortium Technology Support

Missy Williams