“How to” Guides using LibAnswers (Ask a Librarian Delaware) for Helping Library Patrons

This area provides links to tutorials and ‘how to” help to guide you through certain areas of Springshare’s platform, LibAnswers, for Ask a Librarian Delaware.  If you need assistance or would like to suggest a guide, please do not hesitate to contact Missy Williams.  You can also opt to ask our team through the Ask a Librarian Delaware/Reference listserv (reference@listserv.lib.de.us).



Delaware Libraries Staff Academy Tutorials (login required) 

Ask a Librarian Delaware: Learning Best Practices

Engaging Patrons Using LibAnswers

Navigating Your Library’s Queue in LibAnswers


(*Note – some of these screenshots in the following resources are a bit outdated but still applicable)

Section One:  Steps for Processing Questions using LibAnswers



How to add an internal note (a “librarian-to-librarian only” note –  see the 6-minute tutorial below):


Section Two:  About Your Account

Section Three:  For Library Liaisons (those who administer their library’s LibAnswers accounts)

Section Four:  Tips and Troubleshooting

      • No software needs to be downloaded or installed to use LibAnswers for assisting patrons through email/texting. Chrome is the preferred browser.
      • Be sure to clear your browser’s cache, especially if you are being prevented from logging onto LibAnswers.  See below in Basic Troubleshooting Tips.
      • Consider taking care of your library’s email and texts in an environment where you can concentrate.
      • If you opt to help with texts that come in, that’s great. You can log onto LibAnswers and check the Dashboard anytime.  This helps to ensure that Delaware patrons will receive quick responses, even if the response is, “I’m checking on that now.  Use TinyURL or Bitly (or another URL shortener) when sending links to patrons in SMS/texts.


Section Five:  There are more resources at your fingertips!



Online refresher and liaison trainings can be arranged as needed.  Please contact Missy Williams to schedule.