More Resources

1. To assist you with searching online for good information:

a.  Search Engines

b.  Web evaluation guidelines

  • Examples of Spoof sites:
    • “Pacific NW tree octopus” See:
    • RYT Hospital “Dwayne Medical Centre” See:
    • “The Pope Comes to America” – CNN news video showing the Pope pulling a tablecloth out from under candlesticks.  See:
    • Clone Zone: “Tweak the world’s most popular websites”  Sites like these make it easy to trick searchers into believing they are accessing a reputable source when it’s just a clone of a site.  For example, the New York Times can be cloned and edited to look like it contains reliable news from this source when in reality it’s made-up information.

c.  Searching and Recommended Resources found outside Delaware

(for Delaware specific, see Resources)

2.  To assist you with question-answering processes on LibAnswers:

–see the “Tutorials & How To’s” page.

3. Technology troubleshooting and issues:

Having trouble logging in?  Many times, clearing your browser’s cache (search history) will make things work.  This is also great to know for your patrons.
Here is  “How to Clear Your Browser’s Cache” from ComputerHope.

–see also Ask a Librarian DE’s “Help” page