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  • Privacy Learn about the filter bubble and use your search engine’s ‘incognito’ setting


Web Evaluation Guidelines

Evaluate your sources – Guidelines/Resources


  • Compare – vs.
  • Search for “dinosaur” on vs. Conservapedia (Look at the “Talk” page).
  • Vampire Authors:  Sometimes people take credit for another person’s work.  See Google Books and Amazon for “Lambert M. Surhone” = ‘vampire author’.  “Lambert” has put his name on many titles, taking authorship credit.

Spoof sites:

  • “Pacific NW tree octopus” See:
  • “The Pope Comes to America” – CNN news video showing the Pope pulling a tablecloth out from under candlesticks.
  • Clone Zone: “Tweak the world’s most popular websites”  Sites like these make it easy to trick searchers into believing they are accessing a reputable source when it’s just a clone of a site.  For example, the New York Times can be cloned and edited to look like it contains reliable news from this source when in reality it’s made-up information.


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Technology troubleshooting and issues:

Having trouble logging in?  Many times, clearing your browser’s cache (search history) will make things work.  This is also great to know for your patrons.