Auto Renewal for Eligible Library Materials

As of September 1, 2023, Delaware Libraries patrons can enjoy the peace of mind of having their eligible library materials renewed for them!

This new feature was implemented in an effort to alleviate the stress of returning library books, especially when there is not a waiting list for a particular title.  In addition, Auto Renewal is part of the initiative to go “fine free” to promote equitable access to all.  Many library patrons accrue so many overdue fines, their library cards become “blocked”, and if they are unable to pay the fines, they stop using the library altogether. We are trying to avoid that scenario by offering this new feature.

For library patrons who are very diligent about returning their books on time, please let them know they can simply ignore this feature.  Patrons are encouraged to return materials to any Delaware Libraries public library location when they are finished reading them or by the original due date, and it won’t affect their library account at all (patrons can also disregard the courtesy email that is sent with the renewal notification three days before the original due date).

Please see this web page for more detailed information – Auto Renewal – Delaware Libraries

and/or this Auto Renewal FAQ 2023 for display/printouts