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Class Visit Toolkit – Chat Resource (2013-2014)

Do you want to have an online school class visit to Ask a Librarian Delaware?
We have a Class Visit Toolkit you can use to promote our shared online service.  Click here for the most current version; it will give you the information you need about how to set this up with a local school.

Results from brainstorming at February 1, 2012 quarterly liaison meeting:
Main marketing goal is to promote AalDE statewide, to funders, colleagues, patrons, students, schools.  It “makes our library services relevant”.
Need measurable goals – not everything below is measurable.

Primary goal:
To have every public library in Delaware provide chat service by December 31, 2014.


  • Every student in DE will know about AaLDE
    • Step one:  Intern is compiling list of school librarians and contacts, including meetings to attend.
    • Step two:  Outreach to schools/class visits.  First class visit – Dickinson High School in March, 2012.
    • Step three:  Attend meetings on varied levels, such as school events, PTA, teachers’ meetings.
    • Step four:  Develop partners.  School librarians as chatting librarians.
  • Every student will use AaLDE.  (Note:  not sure how to ensure this is completed, but it’s a good goal.)
  • Have every Delaware library’s website show the AaLDE logo and link to chat. See the AaLDE online presence on libraries’ sites 2012 compiled in May, 2012.
  • Have an app (in the works – QP announced they hired a developer who will work on librarian and user interface, and they are going with a “Flashless” chat by the end of 2012).  However, Boopsie works with the Qwidget and this is free for mobile devices.  Note that for the Qwidget to be 247, our question-answering rate must be maintained at 75% or higher.
  • Incorporate AaLDE into libraries’ computer classes.
  • Plug AaLDE into library programs.
  • Use New Castle County TV and other local media outlets.
  • Face to face (in library) staff promotion.  To make this effective, it is suggested to have staff try it out as a patron
  • Have a contest similar to Anne Arundel County Public Library’s “Win a Nook” promotion for staff and patrons.
  • Hand out swag’

provided by DDL-Wish list:

  • USB Flash drives
  • Highlighters: (on order/May 2012)
  • Sticky notes (small ‘flag’ types)
  • T-Shirts
  • Chat Hats

Developed by AaLDE- Wish list:

  • “Library is closed- we’re always open” sign (done! See the Marketing page)
  • Bookmarks (we have two to start with on the Marketing page)
  • Facebook account
  • Desk Signs
  • “On chat now” signs
  • Google and ads (DDL idea)
  • Need snappy tag line.  Something like, “Need ideas?  Have questions?  Just ask!”
  • PSAs and Posters “I’m a chatting librarian”
  • Have chatting librarians give testimonials (videos and live at town meetings)
  • Break out “librarian” and use lay language about what that means (ie:  “find information” “homework help assistance”)

Ways to implement:

  • Partner providers with non-providers to advocate and promote
  • Have more ways to access (IM, texting, mobile devices)
  • Integrate into all new staff training
  • Integrate into reference services job descriptions/evaluations
  • LALI